Brain Fitness Games

If you want to improve your mental capabilities, and cognitive resources, then brain fitness games are an excellent choice. Brain fitness games can be any type of game that improves your mental abilities in a specific area. For example, one that has been around for centuries now, is the puzzle. The puzzle exercises the part of your brain that is useful for working out problems. The good thing about using brain fitness games, is that it is a fun and effective way to keep your mental cognition sharp, and even to improve your mental abilities.

There are many different resorts is of brain fitness games available, especially because of the Internet in the past 10 to 15 years. Depending on what you are looking for there are many different choices when it comes to brain fitness games. Probably one of the best ways to get the most out of brain fitness games, is to use a complete brain training system online. One such online brain training system that I have personally used, and can say is very effective, is known as lumosity.

Before I go into what lumosity is about, I do want to mention that there are lots of free resources on the Internet if you want to get brain fitness games. The problem with these free resources is that they have no specific organisation for a start, and more importantly they have no research to back up the fact that they actually do your mind any good in terms of improving your thinking. Also it is very annoying to have to look around to different types of brain training games, depending on what type of cognitive ability you are trying to exercise improve.

That brings me to more of an explanation on what lumosity is. Lumosity is an online brain training system that was developed first back in 2005. It was developed through the collaboration of both neuroscientists and Web developers. Because of the fact that it is based on neuroscientific research, every single game has been designed with the end results and the users cognitive improvement in mind. This is a huge factor, as, as I mentioned before you do not want to be wasting your time playing brain training games that actually have no benefit to your cognitive ability. Apart from the fact that lumosity’s games are always based on neuroscientific research, another great factor, is that lumosity is constantly adding new additions to their brain training library. They are also constantly updating and improving the system to give you more user satisfaction and effectiveness.

One of the best things about lumosity is the fact that you can track your results over time. Lumosity stores the results of every single brain training game that you play within your user profile. This means that you can then go back and check your progress over time, and see how much you have improved. This is very important, as it allows you to see where you have made progress and where you have not. It also gives you a great boost of motivation, as seeing that you have progressed is very rewarding.

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