Brain Training Games Online

Brain training games online are a fantastic way to improve your cognitive abilities across the board. You can improve all sorts of different mental abilities, such as your memory, your problem solving ability, and your attention for example. The fact that brain training games are games, means that you can have a little bit of fun while you are doing all this, instead of being bored out of your mind. This is good, and also very important, because it means that you will be self-motivated to keep up your brain training practice, and therefore you will receive the long-term, and also the short-term benefits. I have been using brain training games myself in the last two years, and I’ve seen significant improvements in my general memory, and also things like remembering certain words, and avoiding those tip of the tongue moments that we can get sometimes.

There are quite a few different brain training games online, so there is a lot of different selections to choose from. Depending on what you are looking for, you may either want to use the many free resources on the Internet, or you may prefer to use an all in one system that allows you to train all different types of your cognitive abilities from one interface, and also does a whole lot more as well. As I said, there are many free resources such as free games spread out all over the Internet, these games will train you can improve your brain in different ways. For example you can find lots of random memory games online. The problem with this is, that you do not have an all in one resource for brain training. If you want something more comprehensive, which is personally my preference, then you’ll want to opt for a complete brain training system.

The best complete brain training system that I have found, is called lumosity. Lumosity is an online brain training system that was developed back in 2005, and since then has grown year by year in popularity. It is so popular is because it is such an easy to use and effective online system to getting your brain training. One of the best things about the lumosity system, is the fact that every brain training game that they introduce into the system is based on actual neuroscientific research. This means that every single game you play, is actually doing your brain some good, and is helping to improve your cognitive abilities depending on what the game is about. This overcomes the problem which some of the free brain training resources online have. It is important to know that the brain training system you are using is based on actual scientific study, as opposed to some are just throwing together a game and then calling it a “brain training game”.

Apart from this, lumosity offers lots of features which make it a much more useful overall package for brain training games online. For example, in your user profile, you have a section called history. The history section allows you to check every single results that you have other achieved in any brain training game, and it’s all visually represented in graphical format which makes it very easy to see how you have improved over time. This is absolutely fantastic, as it allows you to see which areas you are improving in, and which areas you may need to give more work to. It is also a massive boost your motivation, to be able to see how far you have come.

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