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Brain training online is one of the most effective ways that you can use the power of the Internet to improve your cognitive abilities. There are many different online brain training systems that allow you to spend a small amount of time each day, or as often as you can, and train your brain for incremental improvements in such things as memory, problem solving ability, and attention.

But with so many brain training systems online, which one is the best one to choose?

Well from my experience, and I did looking to quite a few of the different brain training systems online that were available, I found that not many of them had all the features that I was looking for. One of the most important thing is that you should look for when you are looking for a brain training system online, is that the games that are part of the system, based on actual neuroscientific research, and not just gobbledygook. A second important feature that any good brain training system online should have, is the ability to train your brain by using different courses, with a wide range of versatility in the game style. This is important because otherwise if you only got like four games, you are going to get bored very quickly, and you are not going to keep up your training and therefore you are going to miss out on beneficial results that you could have gotten.

Of course a really good brain training system should include the above and a lot more. So when I found I was very pleased, as it includes the above necessary features and a whole lot more. One of the best things about lumosity which I really appreciate, is the fact that every single results from every single game that you have played within the lumosity brain training system is tracked. This means that you can have a look at your progress over time, and see where you are improving, and what needs work. This is usually important, and is very helpful to your motivation in using a brain training system. Apart from that, lumosity just had a whole bunch of different features that are very useful and user-friendly. There are different types of courses, depending on which type of brain training you want to most see benefits in. For example there is specific training courses just for memory, or there is the basic course which you start at the beginning of your time lumosity, which exercises all the different cognitive abilities that are important. Lumosity even includes brain training programs for people with ADHD, as their neuroscientific research discovered that people who played simple brain training games received benefits and it helped with their ADHD symptoms. New courses like this are coming out all the time at lumosity.

If you like the sound of this kind of brain training system, and think it suits your needs for brain training online, then I highly suggest you click on one of the lumosity links here for more information.

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